Welcome to BattleStar Argus,

This is a zero profit site and zero money earning site. In fact this site is an expense and I pay for it from my own pocket. In short it is nothing but a hobby and I gain zero benefit from it.

Having stated that...

The Battlestar Argus story is copyrighted. The first part as of 2005 and the continuation as of 2009.

Battlestar Arugs is copyrighted in as much as a work of Fan Fiction can actually be copyrighted. My intention by this is not to seek any form of financial or other profitable compensation for my efforts. All I'm really asking is that if any elements of this story have been used or inspired an idea/plot/theme/etc... Just give me some credit and aknowledge me as the source. Hell, you can put my name on the credits right after you name the guy who drives the honey truck. You can even email or fax me a legal contract and I'll gladly sign it for you without dispute. (As long as you're not looking to sue me)

But if problems should happen....

In the event of any dispute or problems with the owners, executives, etc of the Battlestar Galactica franchise... It is my intention to cooperate with the Galactica franchise executives and if necessary.. close this site.

My philosophy is there is more to gain through cooperation and dialogue than there is through egos and arguments.

So I hope you enjoy this story and this site. Thank you

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